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Help elect true conservatives in critical swing districts to help move the country back to conservative values. Values that include protecting the 2nd Amendment, lowering taxes (which increases your freedom), enforcing border laws (which protects our culture and way of life) and supporting candidates running against socialists like those in "The Squad".

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You saw what the liberal (and socialists) did to this decent man. Help fight back. Connect23 supports true conservatives to the court system!

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"The Squad" and others in Congress are actively working to subvert those ideals that make America great. Help defeat those socialists working to destroy America!

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Protect the 2nd Amendment

Without the right to bear arms, nothing else matters. Help keep the 2nd Amendment alive and well for future generations!

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In addition to helping the conservative cause, you will be a critical part of an community fighting socialism and anything that undermines America. Set up pages. Make a call to action! All in an ad-free, profile-free, track-free, safe and private environment.

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