Posted: 2020-01-19 20:16:50
NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and SpaceX's Elon Musk called the test of the Crew Dragon capsule a success. NASA hopes to use the capsule to bring astronauts to the International Space Station.
Posted: 2019-10-18 11:54:14
In what NASA is calling "HERstory" in space, Christina Koch and Jessica Meir stepped outside the International Space Station Friday to replace a bad battery charger.
Posted: 2019-09-08 11:56:50
India's attempt to become the fourth country to land on the moon has failed. Mission control lost contact with its Vikram lander as it tried to make a soft landing near the moon's remote South Pole.
Posted: 2019-07-09 17:43:31
Billionaire Richard Branson is partnering with a group of investors to take his space tourism company public. The stock market debut is expected later this year.
Posted: 2019-10-23 09:01:00
CubeSats are only about twice the size of a Rubik's Cube. Once dismissed as tools for students learning the principles of aerospace engineering, they're now being used for more sophisticated missions.