Posted: 2019-07-15 22:08:37
Monday was the last day in a widely-watched trial about opioid addiction in Oklahoma. The state sued opioid manufacturers, but only Johnson & Johnson fought it in court after others settled.
Posted: 2019-07-13 12:26:39
This week, President Trump signed an executive order aimed at improving the care of kidney patients. Nephrologist Amaka Eneanya talks with Scott Simon about some of the new initiatives.
Posted: 2019-07-13 12:26:39
Some physicians say connecting environmental effects of climate change — heat waves, more pollen and longer allergy seasons — to the health consequences helps them better care for patients.
Posted: 2019-07-12 13:12:45
Scientists are making progress in identifying environmental hazards that contribute to cancer. Researchers say many cases could be avoided if the work is accelerated.
Posted: 2019-07-11 20:25:11
It was a tough week for the agency in charge of implementing Trump's ambitious plans to reduce drug costs. The administration rolled back one plan and had another shot down in court.