Posted: 2019-11-28 10:09:00
It's hard to manage chronic conditions without a steady source of healthy food. That's why health care providers are setting up food pantries — right inside hospitals and clinics.
Posted: 2019-11-24 12:00:00
Scientists have come to realize that flu vaccines are less effective for people who are overweight or obese. Now researchers are trying to figure out why and hope to develop better vaccines.
Posted: 2019-11-15 18:24:57
To pack a healthier punch into staple foods like flour, researchers borrowed technology from the pharmaceutical industry.
Posted: 2019-11-15 10:00:22
As U.S. presidential candidates prep for their next debate, a doctor-to-be asks them, and us all, to remember that even universal access to health care won't fix other disparities that hurt health.
Posted: 2019-10-27 11:00:24
In 1968, a survey found that African Americans paid more money for lower-quality groceries and struggled for access to fresh food, among other inequalities. Today, those same battles persist.