Posted: 2019-09-22 12:10:00
NPR's Melissa Block speaks with two U.N. Climate Change Summit attendees: Lisa Helps and Minal Pathak. The summit begins Monday.
Posted: 2019-09-21 11:46:00
NPR's Scott Simon talks to former U.N. climate negotiator Christiana Figueres about Monday's Climate Action Summit in New York City. It coincides with the United Nations General Assembly.
Posted: 2019-09-21 00:23:31
The lawsuit comes two days after the Trump administration revoked California's ability to set its own rules for automobiles. The state's top prosecutor blasted the move as "arbitrary and capricious."
Posted: 2019-09-20 20:14:00
Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg joins other school strike activists in New York and around the world ahead of the UN Climate Action Summit.
Posted: 2019-09-20 14:06:30
The president threatens action against California. His former campaign manager doesn't cooperate with Congress.