Posted: 2020-01-18 01:04:22
The court said the nearly two dozen young people who were trying to force action by the government on climate change did not have standing to sue. The judges said climate change is a political issue.
Posted: 2020-01-16 19:25:42
The tech giant, which says it has been "carbon neutral" for years, is now vowing to go "carbon negative" — by cutting emissions, planting trees and investing in new carbon removal technology.
Posted: 2020-01-14 10:00:30
The coal power plant that provided about 80% of the Hopi Nation's budget closed last month. Tribal leaders are now trying to figure out how to replace the revenue, which was their economic lifeline.
Posted: 2020-01-11 12:00:41
California utility PG&E continues planned power outages to prevent its equipment from sparking wildfires. One Native tribe's solar-powered microgrid is proving to be a lifeline for rural communities.
Posted: 2020-01-01 20:18:02
California and other states are challenging the Trump administration over its reversal of standards for energy-efficient lightbulbs.