Posted: 2019-08-22 15:25:46
Israel has begun using the technology at its West Bank checkpoints to verify Palestinians' identities as they cross into Israel. The new system means shorter wait times but is drawing criticism.
Posted: 2019-08-22 15:11:00
A South Korean security official says the pact "does not serve our national interest." Japan's foreign minister says Seoul's decision "completely misreads the security situation."
Posted: 2019-08-22 11:05:00
Officials in the German city are offering a million Euros if you can prove the town does not exist. There's this long-running online conspiracy theory that the city is an illusion.
Posted: 2019-08-22 09:36:00
Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Canberra would commit a frigate, patrol plane and specialist defense force personnel to the security flotilla escorting commercial shipping from Iranian attacks.
Posted: 2019-08-22 09:00:05
NPR's Steve Inskeep sits down with conservative writer and newspaper editor Amir Mohebbian in Tehran to understand what Iran's ruling establishment thinks of escalating tensions with the U.S.