Posted: 2020-01-22 12:13:00
Many Americans who get overwhelmed by student loan debt are told student debt can't be erased through bankruptcy. Now more judges and lawyers say that's a myth and bankruptcy can help.
Posted: 2020-01-21 10:06:00
After the U.S. killed Iran's top military leader, government officials and security experts say Iran could retaliate with cyber attacks ranging from destroying data to defacing websites.
Posted: 2020-01-20 10:02:00
Boeing workers and retirees in Washington state are grieving. The pride they felt from designing and building airliners has been tarnished by the company's 737 Max crisis.
Posted: 2020-01-17 10:07:00
A new study from Yale School of Management found a gender bias in the housing market means single women often lose out, whether they're buying a home or selling one.
Posted: 2020-01-16 12:25:00
NPR's David Greene talks to NPR's Scott Horsley and Neil Bradley of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, about the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement — or USMCA — on its way to becoming law.