Posted: 2020-01-23 02:05:21
The rapper's unexpected death at Midway International Airport was caused by an overdose of opioids, according to the medical examiner.
Posted: 2020-01-22 22:30:26
The EEOC discrimination complaint filed by Deborah Dugan, the Recording Academy's first female chief, contains several allegations that could undermine the prestige of the prizes.
Posted: 2020-01-22 22:27:33
Olney had a gift for character — creating them in his lyrics, inhabiting them in his performances — and that literarily bent musical talent made him a fixture in Nashville for decades.
Posted: 2020-01-22 21:31:00
British musician Georgia has a new album out full of throwback dance beats and stripped-back vocals. It's called Seeking Thrills and aims to capture the unifying force of a good club beat.
Posted: 2020-01-22 19:30:23
After 16 years with Paramore, Williams has announced her first solo album, out May 8.