Posted: 2019-08-22 20:31:58
If the Patriots' versatile safety Chung misses an extended period of time, Brooks could be asked to handle an expanded role in the defense.
Posted: 2019-08-22 18:38:29
Luke Laufenberg, the son of former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Babe Laufenberg and a tight end at UTEP, has died after a nearly two-year battle with cancer. He was 21.
Posted: 2019-08-22 18:01:52
Veteran safety Patrick Chung, who has been a key cog in the Patriots' defense as part of three Super Bowl championship teams, was indicted on a cocaine possession charge Aug. 8 and will be arraigned next Wednesday.
Posted: 2019-08-22 15:31:58
Hall of Fame QB John Elway recently underwent a non-surgical treatment to attempt to straighten his fingers and is now trying to raise awareness about the debilitating medical condition known as Dupuytren's contracture.
Posted: 2019-08-22 14:05:36
Weddle is back in Southern California, close to his family and playing for a championship contender that appreciates his "sharp mind."