Posted: 2019-10-21 15:18:26
A widely-used gas that is currently produced from fossil fuels can instead be made by an 'artificial leaf' that uses only sunlight, carbon dioxide and water, and which could eventually be used to develop a sustainable liquid fuel alternative to gasoline.
Posted: 2019-10-21 13:40:02
Researchers are using liquid crystals to create incredibly small, swirling schools of 'fish.' The fish in this case are minute disruptions in the orientations of the molecules that make up solutions of liquid crystals.
Posted: 2019-10-21 12:28:01
The world's weirdest little primate has gotten even weirder, thanks to the discovery of a tiny extra digit. Aye-ayes possess small 'pseudothumbs' -- complete with their own fingerprints --- that may help them grip objects and branches as they move through trees. This is the first accessory digit eve...
Posted: 2019-10-18 22:10:51
Mars once had salt lakes that are similar to those on Earth and has gone through wet and dry periods.
Posted: 2019-10-18 15:21:36
The evolution of dietary and hygienic habits in Western countries is associated with a decrease in the bacteria that help in digestion. These very bacteria were also found in the Iceman, who lived 5300 years ago, and are still present in non-Westernized populations in various parts of the world. The...