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Author:  Summary: The pursuit of astronomical study led a Victorian woman from Surrey to the Indian foothills. In purgatory with Dante
Posted: 2019-06-24 08:00:00
The Death of CaesarHistory Today A vivid portrait of one of history’s most momentous conspiracies.
Posted: 2019-06-21 08:30:00
Author:  Summary: Why is the West is so suspicious of Russia? Nothing to fear but Russia itself
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The Civil War’s ‘Martyr of Peace’Minoo Dinshaw In an age of political and religious division that ended in Civil War, Lucius Cary and his circle at Great Tew offered a space for debate and compromise.
Posted: 2019-06-20 08:00:00
A Hidden Chapter: Women of the KlanRachel Gillett The role of women in the Ku Klux Klan is often neglected, but they were key players at all levels.