Posted: 2019-08-21 10:23:25
LOS ANGELES - USA - When it comes to late runners, Bruce Jenner, the former Olympian gold medallist is in the back of the field, but a welcome addition to the Republican leadership contest. The post Bruce Jenner to Run For President 2020 appeared first on Daily Squib.
Posted: 2019-08-21 09:32:32
WINDSOR - England - It's okay that Harry and Meghan took six private jet journeys in a two-week period because Elton John paid a few pounds for the carbon offset. The post Elton John Pays £7.50 Carbon Offset For Meghan Harry Jets appeared first on Daily Squib.
Posted: 2019-08-19 14:54:05
NEW YORK - USA - His Royal Highness, Prince Andrew, allegedly met with Jeffrey Epstein to play games of checkers, it has been revealed. The post “Appalled” Prince Andrew Visited Epstein Manhattan Mansion to Play Game of Checkers appeared first on Daily Squib.
Posted: 2019-08-18 00:25:04
LONDON - England - The “commencement order” that will trigger the end of the supremacy of EU law in the UK has been signed by Stephen Barclay, the Brexit Secretary. The post Brexit Begins: Signing of Commencement Order to Repeal European Communities Act of 1972 appeared first on Daily Squib.
Posted: 2019-08-16 14:58:46
WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Despite major evidence coming to light supporting the premise that tech giants are conducting corrupt practices behind closed doors, nothing will be done about it. The post Monopoly Tech Companies Are Untouchable appeared first on Daily Squib.