Posted: 2019-10-07 15:06:30

One hundred years on from prohibition, Americans are getting their “claws out,” shouting “dilly dilly” at major golf tournaments and slurping mimosas at brunch.

In short, banning alcohol obviously didn’t stick.

In the face of all of the goofiness of alcohol marketing and culture, it’s tempting to classify the analysis of drinking culture as a fun diversion rather than a serious route of study.

However, Theresa McCulla, the brewing historian for the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, would say that you’re missing the bigger picture, especially when it comes to beer:

We feel strongly that the history of beer and brewing throughout American history serves as a lens to look at other issues. If you look at beer, you can understand stories of immigration, transportation, changes to our technology, business, as well as consumer culture and how it intertwines with advertising.

McCulla joins us to discuss the history of American drinking culture, American brewing and the legacy of prohibition.

Produced by Paige Osburn.

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