Posted: 2019-10-15 10:48:19

This year in 2019, the Global Champagne Awareness Day will be celebrated on Friday the 18th, October 2019.

Learn more about the #ChampagneDay celebration event in the video below:

Champagne Day is a day to bring awareness, particularly on social media about what is Champagne wine.

We very often talk about Champagne wine on this website/blog where I review many excellent examples on a regular basis, such prestigious and famous Champagnes such as Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, or Dom Pérignon.

The famous and expensive ones, but not only….

Social Vignerons is about learning about all types of wine, and supporting the passion and the efforts of small vignerons (wine growers) in their hard work for magnifying the expression of their terroir, their vineyard and their land.

So I do talk and reveal Champagnes that I love from smaller houses and producers, such as AR Lenoble, Drappier or Champagne Moutard here a lot too.

What it Champagne Day for?

It’s a day to talk about champagne, essentially.

The essential thing is having some champagne, enjoying some bubbles, sharing Champagne with colleagues, family and friends.

Champagne day is an opportunity to enjoy the refinement of French sparkling wine, and excuse for wine really!

To celebrate Champagne Day wine event, it is recommended to have some bubbly and share a picture of the bottle, the glasses and wine lovers associated with the experience, using the hashtag #ChampagneDay or #GlobalChampagneDay on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media.

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