Connect23: Personal protection you can trust


If you use an ad-based social media company like Facebook, your personal data is being leveraged by others for their profit.


Ad-based social media does not protect your personal data from others

Ad-based social media platforms cannot protect your personal data because they must leverage your personal life and sell details about you to third parties in order to pay their bills. It is that simple. Because advertisers want to "target" their ads in a very specific way, companies like Facebook and Google are forced to parse each of your posts, emails and messages, build a dossier about you, and offer access to that dossier to sell ads.

At Connect23, there is nothing wrong about saying what you want to your friends and family. And at Connect23 only your friends and family can see your posts. No one else. So if you make a joke you wouldn't want to say at work, then no big deal - it is not available for others to see. In fact you can hide the fact you even have an account from the world. And you can only see posts from people where you both agree to be friends.


Companies like Facebook ban you based on your political views and are not supporters of free-speech

How can Connect23 enable free-speech? Easy - it is our policy and promise to you. We choose to support free speech. We simply will not block or ban people because of their political views. Even if those views are extreme. How can we do that? We know that free speech means people can have views that are unpopular. So we will let people converse. But because on the only people that can converse with one another must be friends, those views are limited to friends only. Now, if someone is advocating violence or is plotting on committing a crime with others, and we learn about it, we will shut you down. This is not a site for criminals to operate in. And if the government presents us with a legal court order for data on you because they are watching you? We will certainly cooperate with them. But none of these policies prohibit free speech.

We should mention that people can create public groups and events. And posts on those pages can be seen by all, some by even non-Connect23 members (if the author of that page sets it up that way). In those cases, if there is illegal speech (criminal, hateful etc. as prescribed by law) we will shut down that public page, but not your account. Just keep it clean, keep it free, and all is good.


What guarantees that Connect23 is different?

How do we do this? We establish a contract with you that protects you vs. ad-based businesses like Facebook do not. Our contract is established via a monthly subscription. Our pay-as-you-go business model is exactly what protects you because we do not need to run ads to provide you our service. So for less than the cost of a small coffee each month, your personal life is protected from third parties. And if you want to up your monthly payment to $4/month we will donate $1 a month to a charity group of your choice! At Connect23, you are the customer, not the commodity.

So there you have it! It is important to have your social media company protect you from third parties who would leverage personal details about you for profit. And if you believe in free-speech, then you need a social media company you can trust.


Join right now to start protecting your personal life from third parties!

We hope that you join today. And don't forget to use our track-free news reader. Because when you read news on other websites, those sites are tracking you and colluding with corporations like Facebook and Google to sale access to your personal data to advertisers, political campaigns and others.


Don't believe us. Believe others with no affiliation to Connect23

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