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About the founder of Connect23:


I am Steve Twyman, founder of Connect23. I can no longer stand by while America erodes into a socialist sea of disarray, distrust, and crime. I simply cannot let socialism take away our freedoms.

So I created this website, just little 'ol me. And it is just me operating this site at this point. I hope it grows into a small business so I can devote full time to it. I have a "regular" job in the defense industry that I love, but I feel the need to make a difference politically. And with the blessings and skill set that God has provided me, this website is what I can do to help bring people together.

So please join. Start a group. Connect with others. Or simply use our news reader. It has over 200 news sources and is organized by topic, source and category.

I hope you like it. Please give me feedback at