People Who Don’t Wear Masks Should Be ‘Hanging’ or Imprisoned Says ‘Harry Potter’ Star
Posted: 2020-11-22 04:16:52    (see more from

This actor thinks First Daughter Ivanka Trump is “brainless.” Ivanka. A woman who puts every single liberal woman to shame with her looks and her intelligence, but okay.

Check this out, via The Daily Wire:

Actor Jason Isaacs (“Harry Potter,” “Star Trek: Discovery”), the man who previously called Ivanka Trump a “brainless Barbie” who insults Barbie, said that non-mask wearers should be hanging in the streets or in prison.

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Isaacs said, “The thing about masks is, somehow I’m made less annoyed by the people who refuse to wear masks, who I think should be in the stocks or prison, than by the people who are wearing it with their nose sticking out.

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He added, “We all know that you transmit and receive it more through your nose. And what about the people who I’m talking to who pull it down to have a chat and put it back up again? They should be hanging in the streets.

Shaming people for not wearing a mask in public has become all the rage in liberal circles. Never mind the fact that you’re more likely to get hit by lightning that contract COVID-19.

That doesn’t seem to matter to lefties.

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