Liberal Congresswoman Blames Maskless GOP Colleagues for Giving Her COVID; Video Exposes Her Not Wearing Mask
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Last Wednesday was a chaotic day on Capitol Hill. Emotions are high. Platforms are being deplatformed. Colleagues are flinging rhetorical feces at each other. Some, if they had their druthers, might even throw actual feces. It's been a rough week, is what I'm saying. Though most people are focusing their anger on the events of January 6, Rep. Pramila Jayapal is sticking with ol' reliable: blaming colleagues for not wearing masks.

The congresswoman recently was diagnosed with COVID. Take a guess who she blames for it.

Say what you will about masks (far be it from me to contradict the CDC), but don't you think elected officials trapped in the Capitol with an angry mob outside maaaaaaaybe had other things on their minds? Possibly the angry mob outside. If a congressman refused to wear a mask, I doubt it was cruel, and I have a hard time believing anyone mocked anyone. Also, in a somewhat related note, here's video of Rep. Jayapal not wearing a mask.

Video shows members of Congress taking cover in House gallery

If I have the science right, she DIDN'T get COVID from not wearing a mask herself. But knows for a fact she got COVID from other people not wearing a mask later. More specifically, KNOWS that she got it from her political opponents. I wouldn't even call them colleagues, because you don't send out press releases blaming "recklessly cruel" colleagues for getting you sick.

There are two main reasons why Americans aren't taking COVID as seriously as people would like. One is the way the people telling us to take it seriously use it as a political weapon. The other is their hypocrisy. Rep. Jaypal checks off both boxes. It's a shame she wasn't eating in an indoor restaurant too. That would have been the trifecta.

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