The Atlantic Daily: America’s Bungled Coronavirus Response
Posted: 2021-01-14 12:30:00    (see more from

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A photo of Nancy Pelosi wearing a mask

Today, Donald Trump became the first president in United States history to be impeached twice. Perhaps this time, it’ll stick, our staff writer David A. Graham argues.

But whether these efforts will end in a conviction is unclear. “As the Trump era comes to an end, it is one last parting gift of roiling uncertainty that he leaves the nation.”

The COVID-19 Outbreak

An illustration of a vaccine vial and a crowd of people.

Nearly a year has passed since the first known coronavirus case in the U.S., but America still can’t get its response right. Problems persist in key areas such as testing, masks, and the vaccine rollout.

For starters, where are the better masks?

Cloth masks were supposed to be a stopgap measure, Zeynep Tufekci and Jeremy Howard remind us.

When it comes to vaccines, the rollout already isn’t going to plan.

And things will get only more difficult when the general public becomes eligible, Sarah Zhang warns.

In Washington, D.C., random people are descending on grocery stores in hopes of getting a leftover shot.