MEANWHILE IN SWEDEN: Covid Cases and Death Plummets. Without a Shutdown, Masks, or Panic...
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Welcome to day 137,010 of "Fifteen Days to Flatten The Curve." I exaggerated only slightly. According to the COVID-19 rules, number accuracy isn't as important as shaming people you think are literally murdering others by not wearing a face diaper. Sometimes with a little pepper-spray baptism. But how are our Ikea-building neighbors to the east handling all this WuFlu cough "pandemic"? Remember, Sweden never shutdown. They didn't even close their cheese-cloth border. To my knowledge, they didn't do the mask debate (say that five times fast). Bars remained open. People gathered and were asked to distance socially, but — again to my knowledge — no black-arm-band wearing public gestapo fined or shamed he, she or ze who failed to obey. The pandemic porn believers were hoping millions of Swedes would kick the verklopen. That's my best attempt at Ikea speech for bucket. Reality is: not really.

So how is Sweden doing at the end of July?

If you're confused by the dates, it looks like this chart has the day and month swapped. So 12/4 is "April 12" and not "December 4th." You're welcome.

From Newsweek:

The seven-day rolling average of Sweden's daily new cases has been dropping consistently since June 29. Its daily case count has been mostly decreasing since June 24, when it reported 1,803 new infections, its largest single-day spike since the outbreak began, according to data compiled by Worldometer.

The seven-day rolling average of daily new deaths in Sweden has also been declining since around April 15, when it reported a record daily death count of 115. The country's latest seven-day rolling averages for daily new cases and daily new deaths stand at 154 and 2.

As a reminder, new cases aren't deaths. I know the pro-Covid-shutdown-because-its-our-new-religion apostles want to believe that if you're diagnosed with the Chinese Chest Cold you're somehow a goner. Tis not the case, nor has it ever been. You might be a goner if you're morbidly sick already, or old and morbidly sick already, but the survival rate of COVID is higher than Post Malone chatting with Rogan. And in Courtney's esteemed opinion, not worth near the panic clueless morons award it.

Regardless of all that, other countries in Europe that instituted government mandated YOU SHALL OBEY lockdowns are seeing a second wave of cases. This, in Courtney's esteemed opinion, seems to indicate the lockdowns don't work like the lockdown advocates want them to work. Or say they want them to work. Because, again in my opinion, the measures being shoved through in order to "save lives" are just a Trojan horse for socialism. The more the people comply with the increasing draconian orders, the more draconian orders we receive. Kind of like a "If you give a mouse a cookie" scenario. At this point, the mouse has completely taken over and we're just lucky to sleep on the floor.

Whatever you do, don't spread the Swedish good news like how Covid was rumored to spread. The panic porn addicts who've made COVID their godking, would hate to be proven wrong.

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