Jim Jordan Makes Fauci Squirm, Asks: 'Should We Limit Americans Protesting to Stop Spreading the Virus?'
Posted: 2020-07-31 11:22:53    (see more from www.louderwithcrowder.com)

End your Friday with this nugget. Jim Jordan asked the Covid Pope Fauci if, in order to slow the terrible spread of the terrible COVID-19 that is causing terrible things, we should limit Americans protesting. The corner Fauci backed into was littered with glass. Check out the squirming:

Jim Jordan TRIGGERS Fauci, Gets Him to Admit His Own Stunning Hypocrisy youtu.be

I might watch that seven more times.

This is why we in the "The shutdown is lame" crowd say the shutdown is lame. Okay, more than lame. Insidious. Destructive. Asinine. Backward. It's why we compare the pro-mask Nazis to Nazis, out there shaming anyone who dares not adhere to the Cornoa Reich's decrees. You 'vil wear a mask, and you 'vil not worship God! Zer is no other god but COVID!

Because if COVID was, say, Ebola, then Fauci would absolutely condemn the protests. If COVID had people dying by the millions as media tries making us believe is happening with the Kung Flu, then yes, stop all protesting at all costs. If the 'rona was as bad as Fauci and his acolytes want us to believe, then no one would even risk going outside among other people. Fair?

Instead, Fauci has made COVID political. He refused to condemn social-distance failing violent riots. But seems fine with limiting Americans right to go to church? If assembling en masse is the problem, and the problem results in MASS DEATH HEAVENS PRESERVE US! then assembling en masse, be it for singing Hallelujah to the Lord, punching clocks for the man, waving foam fingers, or chanting to defund the police should all be verboten.

Yet only violent riots peaceful protests seem to be immune to spreading the Chinese Killer Cough. It's almost like the cough isn't as killer as Fauci has banged on about for a few months now.

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