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Posted: 2020-10-19 21:46:56
The implications for a child's health are not yet known. The study's authors urge people not to panic — and stress the need for more research.
Posted: 2020-10-10 11:00:24
A school district just north of Anchorage, Alaska, has more than 11,000 students in class. While there have been some coronavirus cases, the district says it's been able to deal with them quickly.
Posted: 2020-10-09 16:48:07
Women often bear a heavier burden at times of crisis. They take care of the kids, the house, the survival of families. NPR photographed and interviewed 19 women over 3 weeks. Here are their stories.
Posted: 2020-10-09 09:00:30
Scientists know that tiny particles from smoke can be inhaled deep into a person's lungs and even enter the bloodstream. But the long-term health effects of this are not fully understood.
Posted: 2020-10-08 09:00:29
There's evidence that certain vaccines boost the body's defense against many kinds of illness. Scientists are investigating whether this benefit extends to protection from COVID-19.