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Posted: 2020-10-24 00:00:18
CNN’s Chris Cuomo is proving himself king of the “do as I say, not as I do.”
Posted: 2020-10-23 23:57:21
Getting nearly everyone vaccinated for the coronavirus is vital to finally getting America back to normal. So it’s beyond outrageous that Gov. Cuomo has been feeding “anti-vax” fears, just to score a few cheap anti-Trump points. The gov announced this week that he won’t distribute any federally appr...
Posted: 2020-10-23 23:51:35
Are both presidential candidates trying to lose? Or at least pursuing campaign strategies that put them at grave risk of defeat? In nearly four years, Donald Trump has made little effort to win over the 50 percent-plus of voters who didn’t support him in 2016. Having proved that he could win the pre...
Posted: 2020-10-23 23:37:46
Government architecture is not a subject that typically gets much public attention. That changed in February with the leaking of a draft presidential executive order that would re-orient federal architecture in a traditional direction, including a requirement that new office buildings in Washington ...
Posted: 2020-10-23 23:29:03
First, Joe Biden’s Praetorian Guard in the media argued that The New York Post’s Hunter Biden scoop was “Russian disinformation.” The DOJ, FBI and DNI each publicly disagreed. No one in the Biden camp has denied the veracity of a single e-mail thus far. Yet, as of this writing, The Post’s Twitter ac...